The Adventures Of Mark & Avery: The Firing

Avery & Mark

Mavericks’ Locker Room – 15 minutes after loss

Mark:  Hey Avery, what’s up?

Avery:  Eh nothing much, just trying to regroup after this playoff loss.

Mark:  Shouldn’t you be used to this by now?

Avery:  What?

Mark:  Nothing.  I need to talk to you.

Avery: What up?

Mark:  Hold on a second, I have to get all of these silly bloggers out of here.

Avery:  This must be serious.

Mark:  It is…ummm…Avery I am going to  have to fire you.  So I guess you should gather up your stuff.

Avery:  Are you serious?  This is so sudden!

Mark:  Really Avery…I mean you convince me to trade for Jason Kidd, and your team has been playing like crap ever since!

Jason Kidd Bike

Avery:  Well you can’t blame all of this on me…it’s not my fault if Josh Howard is high all of the time!

Mark:  I think it is.  What about that players only practice yesterday.

Avery:  Well…

Mark:  That’s what I thought!

Avery:  Yeah…well…you sucked on Dancing With The Stars!

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars

Mark:  That may be true…but tell me I didn’t look damn sexy.

Avery:  …I can’t, you looked fabulous.

(In case you are not sure, this did not actually happen.  Imagine if it did though…it would have been awesome!)

Point of this?  Well, I think Avery Johnson is going to be fired.  In part, because the team has started to tune him out, but mainly because this is the third straight year in which a Mavericks team that should have one their respective series (Yes they were a 7 seed this year, but nobody was giving New Orleans a shot until after game 1) lost.

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