Laurence Maroney’s Chain Makes You Say “OH YEAH!”

(Big Ups To Awful Announcing for the original picture)

So I was checking out Awful Announcing today, like I do, and posted was this picture of Laurence Maroney watching the Celtics game. The point being TNT people spelt his name wrong, and that he has a shiny watch…I want you to forget about that for just one moment. That chain is nothing compared to Maroney’s chain of…the Kool-Aid man. Now I gotta ask, what happened to the good ol’ days when athletes wore chains that had crosses, their number, or a pac-man:

I mean really look close at the Kool-Aid chain…really look close…the diamonds are even red (or at least it appears to be). I am starting to agree with Chris Cooley and his opinion that NFL Rookies are being paid too much.


4 Responses to “Laurence Maroney’s Chain Makes You Say “OH YEAH!””

  1. I would have to aggree with you on this, saying that they get paid to much… Yea they do…

  2. Yeah I know, and nobody wouldn’t even really notice if they weren’t spending their money on silly stuff like diamond Kool-Aid or Pac-Man chains.

  3. bronx33 Says:

    And this chain is suppose to impress people? it looks freaking stupid kinda like shopping at goodwill stupid.

  4. Hey man, thanks for the comment, but don’t knock shopping @ Goodwill until you try it!

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