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LeBron James Punches Himself In His Face – Gets A Wizard Suspended

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Now technically he did not punch himself in the face, but I was pretty much LeBron’s arm flail that caused the punch to the face, and the suits in the NBA office were too dumb and or purposely ignored that fact.  After all, they don’t want to have LeBron James complaining about the physical play again.  Ill let you examine the video for yourself (Thanks To Odenized)(A great screen by screen show over at BulletsForever):

Maybe this is because I am a Bulls fan, but LeBron has been acting like a little girl this series.  Anyway, Darius Songaila is now suspended, so LeBron won’t get punched in this upcoming game.

Avery Johnson Fired

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So apparently I can predict the future.  Avery Johnson and the Dallas Mavericks decided to part ways today.  I mean I knew he was going to be fired…but this quick (maybe it did go down like this)?  Cuban could have at least shown the man a little respect and given him a week.  But we all know that that isn’t Mark Cuban’s way.  So who is the best coach for this team now?  If D’Antoni is fired like it is reported, I can see him being the perfect fit for this team.  I mean they were the Suns before the Suns were the Suns.  You get what I am saying?

The Adventures Of Mark & Avery: The Firing

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Avery & Mark

Mavericks’ Locker Room – 15 minutes after loss

Mark:  Hey Avery, what’s up?

Avery:  Eh nothing much, just trying to regroup after this playoff loss.

Mark:  Shouldn’t you be used to this by now?

Avery:  What?

Mark:  Nothing.  I need to talk to you.

Avery: What up?

Mark:  Hold on a second, I have to get all of these silly bloggers out of here.

Avery:  This must be serious.

Mark:  It is…ummm…Avery I am going to  have to fire you.  So I guess you should gather up your stuff.

Avery:  Are you serious?  This is so sudden!

Mark:  Really Avery…I mean you convince me to trade for Jason Kidd, and your team has been playing like crap ever since!

Jason Kidd Bike

Avery:  Well you can’t blame all of this on me…it’s not my fault if Josh Howard is high all of the time!

Mark:  I think it is.  What about that players only practice yesterday.

Avery:  Well…

Mark:  That’s what I thought!

Avery:  Yeah…well…you sucked on Dancing With The Stars!

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars

Mark:  That may be true…but tell me I didn’t look damn sexy.

Avery:  …I can’t, you looked fabulous.

(In case you are not sure, this did not actually happen.  Imagine if it did though…it would have been awesome!)

Point of this?  Well, I think Avery Johnson is going to be fired.  In part, because the team has started to tune him out, but mainly because this is the third straight year in which a Mavericks team that should have one their respective series (Yes they were a 7 seed this year, but nobody was giving New Orleans a shot until after game 1) lost.