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LeBron James Punches Himself In His Face – Gets A Wizard Suspended

Posted in NBA, NBA Playoffs, Soft Pro Athletes, The Pain Train, Videos on May 2, 2008 by Beast Mode

Now technically he did not punch himself in the face, but I was pretty much LeBron’s arm flail that caused the punch to the face, and the suits in the NBA office were too dumb and or purposely ignored that fact.  After all, they don’t want to have LeBron James complaining about the physical play again.  Ill let you examine the video for yourself (Thanks To Odenized)(A great screen by screen show over at BulletsForever):

Maybe this is because I am a Bulls fan, but LeBron has been acting like a little girl this series.  Anyway, Darius Songaila is now suspended, so LeBron won’t get punched in this upcoming game.