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The Bills Drafted Some Interesting Characters On Day 2

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As you can probably tell by the name of the blog, Beast Mode being Marshawn Lynch’s nickname, I am a Buffalo Bills fan.  And with the draft having concluded last weekend, I already have two late round picks that I hope make the team this year, and I have video to back this claim up.

  • Overall Pick #147: LB Alvin “Ace” Bowen – Compliance Linebacker


  • Overall Pick #224: WR Steve Johnson – Freestyle Rapper


Now both players should be making the 53 man roster, and put him with Bills’ RB Marshawn Lynch, the possibilities are endless.


I think that this team has the potential of being the NFL’s version of the Washington Wizards.  The cheeky fun side of the Washington Wizards that is.  Not the “LeBron is overrated…lets hurt him…I support dogfighting” part of the Washington Wizards.  You got the blogging star of the team (Gilbert Arenas – Marshawn Lynch), and the two young guys (Nick Young & Dominic McGuire – Alvin Bowen & Steve Johnson).  Lets only hope the results are the same (making the playoffs – the Bills haven’t done that since 1999). 

The Adventures Of Mark & Avery: The Firing

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Avery & Mark

Mavericks’ Locker Room – 15 minutes after loss

Mark:  Hey Avery, what’s up?

Avery:  Eh nothing much, just trying to regroup after this playoff loss.

Mark:  Shouldn’t you be used to this by now?

Avery:  What?

Mark:  Nothing.  I need to talk to you.

Avery: What up?

Mark:  Hold on a second, I have to get all of these silly bloggers out of here.

Avery:  This must be serious.

Mark:  It is…ummm…Avery I am going to  have to fire you.  So I guess you should gather up your stuff.

Avery:  Are you serious?  This is so sudden!

Mark:  Really Avery…I mean you convince me to trade for Jason Kidd, and your team has been playing like crap ever since!

Jason Kidd Bike

Avery:  Well you can’t blame all of this on me…it’s not my fault if Josh Howard is high all of the time!

Mark:  I think it is.  What about that players only practice yesterday.

Avery:  Well…

Mark:  That’s what I thought!

Avery:  Yeah…well…you sucked on Dancing With The Stars!

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars

Mark:  That may be true…but tell me I didn’t look damn sexy.

Avery:  …I can’t, you looked fabulous.

(In case you are not sure, this did not actually happen.  Imagine if it did though…it would have been awesome!)

Point of this?  Well, I think Avery Johnson is going to be fired.  In part, because the team has started to tune him out, but mainly because this is the third straight year in which a Mavericks team that should have one their respective series (Yes they were a 7 seed this year, but nobody was giving New Orleans a shot until after game 1) lost.